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Weekly Forecast: January 18-22, 2021 – We Have Lift Off!

Through the first part of the week we maintain a cardinal stellium in Capricorn. That’s a lot of energy to get things going and keep them going. We have Venus, Pluto, and the Sun in earthy Capricorn until Thursday afternoon when the Sun hits Aquarius. Once there it joins a fixed stellium in air, already populated by Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury, tools and motivation to innovate.

For the first part of the week, we have a daily focus on things as they’ve been, things we’ve put one heck of a lot of work into. Foundational concerns. Once in Aquarius, we’re looking forward and outward, not just out but all around – in, up, down, other dimensions! The mode of the day lightens up a bit, but it also requires an novel orientation that takes us past tradition for how we expect our days to go from here on out.

We’re leaving orbit.

Once in Aquarius, the Sun moves toward conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter. It also picks up on squaring energy from Mars and Uranus in Taurus. The challenge is to pick up the velocity this tension creates and use it to break the earth’s gravity. We can buckle under to the tension or we can use it to lever and propel us into a new way of being.

Wednesday, Mars conjoins Uranus: electric and concrete action in Taurus. Surprise strength. Inventive and experimental action. Late Friday, Mars makes its exact square to Jupiter – rocket fuel and a philosophy for moving forward. Godlike action in a very Action Hero sense. HUGE COSMIC POWER (thanks Genie).

Overnight Wednesday, Venus in Capricorn pulls into orb of sextile with Neptune in Pisces. The aspect is exact on Saturday. Investments we’ve already made may pay off, or we may have a chance to double down or tweak our pre-loaded interests. Perhaps we dream of something that will make our lives measurably better. Perhaps the dream itself can do that. Anticipation of a payout is sweet and realistic.

Mars rules the mood through the first part of the week with a fiery Aries Moon on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning. Venus takes rulership as the Moon tours Taurus through Friday.

Monday’s Aries Moon is fiery and action oriented as it sextiles Saturn, conjoins Chiron, then sextiles Jupiter. That mood can mitigate tensions through humanitarian ballast and fuel. Monday night, overnight into Tuesday, the Moon squares Venus. Frustration may be the result, the feeling that what is wanted and what can be attained are mutually exclusive. It’s good to remember that this is a passing feeling, not a reality. But the best way to deal with that emotion is to FEEL it. Just don’t be taken down by it.

On Tuesday, the Moon goes on to sextile Mercury in Aquarius and the senses and exciting communications fuel a CAN DO set of emotions to act upon. Overnight, the Moon squares Pluto. Friction is fuel; just make sure it’s fueling something healthy.

Wednesday when the Moon moves to Taurus, it picks up a square to the Sun and Saturn. It also heads into conjunction with Uranus and Mars, exact Thursday morning as Venus-Neptune kicks in. Have more faith in what’s possible than in the troubles of the moment. That will lift your spirits and help you to make the most of some really potent possibilities. Tradition and innovation are clashing now, but the results can be highly pro-social as Mars conjoins Uranus.

Later Thursday, the Taurus Moon trines Venus and sextiles Neptune (exact overnight). It’s a great time to indulge in some fantasies as well as some very real and tangible treats!

Friday’s Taurus Moon moves through a square to Mercury, into trine with Pluto. This happens as Mars is moving into exact square to Jupiter. It’s not easy, but when we work with what we’ve got and keep on tuning up our communications so the details fit reality, we can do great things. As individuals but also together. Our resources will begin to reflect that reality as well… in time.


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