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Weekly Forecast: February 8-12, 2021 – Chinese New Year, Aquarius New Moon

Monday morning, retrograde Mercury passes over the Aquarius Sun and heads back toward Jupiter and Venus and the mid-degrees. At the same time, Mercury picks up a square to Taurus Mars.

When we identify our thoughts and mindset with our identity, it affects our actions. It’s a chance to rethink our perspective, see things another way. Where there’s friction or grind, we can fine tune our plans for action or rethink the actions themselves. Refine. What works… what works FOR ME?

Monday’s Capricorn Moon trines Mars and sextiles Neptune. Where the mind meets challenge, the mood smoothes and stabilizes. Mars heads into sextile with Neptune (exact over the weekend), so flow is possible all week. Belief goes a long way in creating value. Believe in your best outcome and keep working at it, but know when to find flow and let the flow uplift the work.

Tuesday, the Capricorn Moon conjoins Pluto then heads into Aquarius by nighttime. This has a range of effects from exciting to unsettling. Wherever YOU go, your best bet is to take it in and work with it. As Mercury closes in on its square to Mars (exact Wednesday morning), Mars moves closer into trine with Pluto. There’s a whole feeling of foreboding thing going on that tends to settle in the tummy. And still there is magic between the lines and underfoot that holds a sparkle of promise for the outcome. So don’t fret, plan and act – and refine. See with fresh vision then act on it.

Mercury square Mars thinks faster than it can act or acts more quickly than it can think. Slow down and get it right or take your chances and roll the dice. With this sky a gamble could pay off, but be aware of your risks.

Wednesday the Aquarius Moon conjoins Saturn, sextiles Chiron, and squares Uranus. It goes on to conjoin Venus and Jupiter, then conjoin Mercury and square Mars. So basically a breezy mood starts out practical and draws us through a day of joyful ups and downs. An attitude of “let’s see where this goes” and a giant dose of curiosity make for BIG LOVE, GREAT PLEASURE, SWEET FORTUNE, as Venus conjoins Jupiter (exact Thursday morning).

Early Thursday morning, the Moon perfects its square to Mars, then it heads into conjunction with the Sun for the fresh and airy, bright new moon. The Aquarius new moon is also the Chinese New Year. Happy New Year! The year of the Metal Ox. The new moon takes place at 23 degrees with Venus closely conjunct Jupiter and Mars sextile Neptune. Big, beautiful things happen when you believe and make it a habit in action. Make a new start, tangibly and spiritually.

On Friday the Moon hits Pisces, watery, mutable. In Pisces, the Moon sextiles Uranus, so there’s still some electric juice to the budding new moon, even out of sign. This mood will not suffer boredom. And there’s no reason it must. There’s plenty of crackle and plenty of flow. Find some. An emotional release is surprisingly replenishing and satisfying. Let it flow.

By the end of Friday night, retro Mercury conjoins Venus. a trip down memory lane (real or imagined) brings an aha moment and a pleasurable attitude adjustment. A new, unexplored pleasure. Or strange and unexpected beauty! Experiment and see what you get.

The new moon takes place at 23 Aquarius. Where does it hit your chart?


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