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Weekend Love Forecast – Sun-Saturn and Venus-Neptune: Imagine Getting Ahead

Friday night, Taurus Mars squares Aquarius Jupiter. On Saturday, Capricorn Venus makes its exact sextile to Neptune. Saturday night, the Sun conjoins Saturn. Sunday moves the Sun toward conjunction with Jupiter and Venus closes in on Pluto.

Whatever’s set to spin out gets spun, but our dreams of a solid benefit get a chance to manifest. Yes shit got real, but it can also go up from here. In fact, powerful transformation is the real deal now.

Friday night, the Venus-ruled Taurus Moon makes no new aspects through the end of the sign. Still, the mood does reflect well on that Venus-Neptune sextile. What we’ve been dreaming, delighting in fantasy has only improved over time. Taking time to manifest allows for the ideal opportunity to shine. What has been taking shape in your imagination? Is there a next step to upgrading your vision?

Saturday the Moon moves to Mercury-ruled Gemini and into trine with the Sun and Saturn. “The future starts now” is one of those weird things that people say that doesn’t appear to actually mean anything. With Mercury in Aquarius, thinking about the future in the context of what is happening now, is a good place to start. The mood is exceptionally conducive to the mental gymnastics that can bring satisfying connections both singularly in one’s own mind and together in conversation and connection. It even feels good. Mental backflips are fun.

Saturday night, the Moon trines Jupiter accelerating these airy and exciting connections.

On Sunday the Gemini Moon continues into square with Neptune and trine to Mercury. Where Venus-Neptune brought us ideal desires, this mood deals with the rational and experimental/experiential. We can move in our minds through the possibly possible, but it’s got to put boots on and walk (or put wings on and fly) to make sense at a certain point.

It’s valid to hold the butterfly up to the light and analyze its parts… as long as the echo of its impermanent and intangible beauty are held in respect… and love. With the emerging Venus-Pluto conjunction, that beauty holds meaning as well.

How are you faring in these unprecedented times? What are your weekend plans?


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