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Weekend Love Forecast – Pisces Moon (Retreat From) Madness

Pisces Moon Madness or Pisces Moon Retreat From Madness… what’s your pick? What’s your tide. That’s more a fun exercise to improve your mood and blow the fluff off your mind than a real choice. The choice is likely made behind your conscious mind or outside your reach altogether. But it’s nice to pretend. And sometimes in pretending we tune in with a precision we couldn’t reach consciously.

Just remember that when you see how others are acting.

The Moon moves through Pisces all weekend. It moves over Neptune, ruler of Pisces and opposes Vesta in Virgo. People have their beliefs. Others have their sacred devotions. Everyone has both and it’s all a bit foggy who is where with what.

What’s not foggy is Mars in Taurus conjunct Uranus squaring Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Taurus is earthy and Aquarius airy. There’s impediment to action but plenty of fuel to push past. That’s not necessarily a good thing. Saturn-Jupiter is good judgement (generally, not always) and Mars-Uranus is disruptive action (again, generally). They’re at odds, in challenging aspect: They’re not enhancing the best qualities each has to offer, in square.

There’s plenty here to work with in a positive sense, but only if you are aware of the pitfalls… be aware… don’t fall or jump in the pit.

Mercury in Aquarius conjoins Pallas Athene this weekend. That’s a precise, military mind by one definition of Pallas. It’s also the society wide ability to parse a pattern. See the unvarnished truth. Put the pieces together mentally toward humanitarian ends. It also supports the process to disseminate that information.

So the mood. Pisces. Neptune. Watery, liminal and sub-liminal, a deeper well of sensation. We can feel what’s going on if we get connected to that stream.

Friday night, the Pisces Moon sextiles Mars. We can feel our way into right action for good. It’s also a conduit for divine intervention if you want to see things that way.

Saturday afternoon, the Moon sextiles Venus, then it goes on to conjoin Neptune overnight. Let the mood filter into and through your body on Friday and then Saturday that divine supplement can carry you through anything to the best possible path… for pleasure, for gain, for and by LOVE.

Sunday, the Moon sextiles Pluto and goes on to sextile the late degree Capricorn Sun. The way to calm, sustained power and continuity of safety and creative foundation is to attune to the divine within. It’s that simple. The divine within will do the rest, will connect to the whole of the divine, to the divinity in others. There is no safer state to occupy.

Do you have any weekend plans? Be safe. Tune in to your inner radar.


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