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Weekend Love Forecast – A Fiery-airy, Long-awaited Kiss!

Venus in Aquarius is bustin’ some sweet fixed and airy moves this weekend. This Venus can hang and often has a confidence that defies conditions.

Friday night into Saturday morning, Venus conjoins Saturn. In general this can mean love delayed or held back, but after a long stint in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, Venus may finally get her due. Her payoff. Her solid benefit as the future arrives.

On Friday night, the Sagittarius Moon trines Chiron and sextiles Venus and Saturn, a dynamic mood that satisfies, solidifies, and improves on the real thing. The Jupiter-ruled mood has legs, and it knows how to use them. That’s a statement which sounds like a cliche, but only if you don’t know the backstory. Right now, everyone has a backstory… one with an element of pain or stretching themselves to make good within their circumstances.

Finding a silver lining is something we can only do for ourselves. The Sadge Moon can take us there. It’s a mood to explore, and it coincides with a hefty desire that has a long tale behind it.

Saturday morning, Venus passes over Saturn and completes its exact sextile to Chiron. We’ve learned, endured, HEALED, and gone beyond our limitations to do so. We now have a chance to put that gift to use, to find a place to shine in our newly discovered powers of genuine being.

Saturday night, Venus makes its exact square to Aquarius-ruler Uranus. Newly discovered powers? I suppose that means we have a nemesis as well. Every silver lining came from rain… and it would be dull to imagine that everything stays sunny ever after. It’s a chance to refine what’s good about this moment. Get rid of what chafes and irritates… or bores. Maybe not get rid of, but address, acknowledge.

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius shares a sign ruler with Venus. It’s a great time to see things from all the angles. We have the gift of improved and unusual perspective. There’s no need to make a final determination; just take another look and keep looking.

Saturday night’s Sadge Moon sextiles the Sun and squares Neptune. It also sextiles Pallas Athene and Mercury (retro). Clever takes fuel a fiery mood, fun-dramatic-satisfying. But there’s always something hidden and that makes for a mystery, a subtle edge that keeps things interesting. Don’t take any wooden nickels or stumble blindly down a dark alley. “And that’s when the trouble started…” Chase a tale.

Sunday morning’s Sadge Moon runs through the end of sign without a new aspect. An upbeat, Jupiter-ruled mood is always welcome, particularly as Venus moves into conjunction with Jupiter: big love, great fortune, increased desire. Satisfaction is delicious.

When the Moon moves to Saturn-ruled Capricorn, it heads into square with Chiron and trine to Uranus. It may feel easier to fall back into old, unproductive patterns… not patterns of being unproductive, but patterns that put your gains at risk. Lean into the urges that focus on your new and improved path and linked feelings of self worth. Feel the emotions, but don’t give in to a mood that denies your value. That sort of feeling is linked to a bruise, not a truth.

What are your weekend plans?


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