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So April for Virgo starts with the Mars square Neptune on April 9th. Now this is notorious for addiction in relationships. And since Neptune is in your marriage house, and Mars is in your 10th House of career, It could be someone, you might have a massive crush on someone at work. This can be quite distracting. At the same time, you’re able to put a lot of energy into work as well. So it’s gonna be hard for you to keep away from this person. It could be you’ve got a crush on at work, and you’ve got a partner as well. The partner maybe acting Neptunian, and having addiction problems of their own. So there is that conflict within you. Do you leave them? Do you try and convince them to go to a counsellor, or AA or something to deal with their problems.It may simply be that they’re ill as well Neptune can be illness. They need to see a doctor and you’ve got to convince them to do that. It all depends on your healthcare provider, whether they’re a good one or not, but we won’t go into that here!

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