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Uranus Transit Through the 12th House

I was digging around the internet the other day looking for information about Uranus transiting the 12th house, and I realized there is very little out there. And what there is seems to all say the same thing, just worded slightly differently. Talking about a “subconscious need for freedom” is great and all, but what does that mean in everyday life? Well, now that Uranus has turned direct, he is about to cross my Ascendant and leave my 12th house for the last time, so I thought I would give a more concrete idea of what the transit can entail.

  • Stagnation – Uranus is the great liberator, the celestial changemaker. And the 12th house signifies energies that are hidden from us or that we have trouble accessing. During the 7 years that Uranus was in my 12th house, I felt like nothing happened. At all. That’s not to say my life didn’t change, because of course that is all life ever does. But every change that occurred felt like it happened around or through me, but not because of me. For instance, I was caught in a wave of mass-layoffs. That certainly affected me and my life, but it wasn’t actually about me, and I didn’t have the power to direct it. Even starting to write here, which was a truly wonderful thing, felt like it happened through me, like I was a conduit or vessel for something greater. Somehow it never felt like I really did anything.
  • Sleep? Never heard of it – The 12th house is associated with dreams and sleep, and Uranus with enlivening energy. Ever try to sleep on an electric fence? Because with Uranus in the 12th, that’s basically what you’re doing. It’s like your brain becomes one of those hyper-sensitive plasma lamps. You’re buzzing with energy and might as well be hearing radio stations in your teeth. Not exactly the ingredients restful sleep is made of.  This is doubly true if you have any old wounds hiding in your subconscious. Which brings me to the next point:
  • Clearing out the gunk – One thing that people will often say is that this is a great transit for therapy, and on that count I have to agree. The 12th house rules the subconscious and the ways we hold ourselves back, and when Uranus enters the fray, things don’t stay buried for long. When Uranus first entered my 12th house, I started to have intrusive thoughts about all my worst fears coming true. No matter what I did, my mind was filled with images of losing the ones I loved, of loneliness, loss of control, etc. I eventually realized that those fears had been subtly running my life for years. Uranus bringing them to the surface meant that I had the opportunity to address them head-on. It wasn’t a pleasant process, but rooting out those fears was one of the most liberating things I’ve done in my entire life.
  • Unique spirituality – It was during this period that I began to cobble together a real, coherent sense of spirituality. But with Uranus being involved, what I came up with was totally unique! It was around this time that I encountered the philosophy that paradise involves 7 billion different religions for 7 different billion people. Each of us has our own path to walk, and celebrating those diverging paths is what Uranus is all about.

Uranus takes 7 years to transit a house, so this is obviously just a quick highlight reel. Uranus is also inherently unpredictable, so everyone’s experience will be different. But if you’ve got this transit coming up, at least you’ve got a place to start. Get ready, because Uranus is always quite a ride!

Have you had Uranus transit your 12th house? What was it like?

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