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Understanding Saturn Transits Through Each House Your In Your Chart

It takes Saturn 28.5 years to transit through each house in your chart.  The planet spends about 2.5 years in each house. Getting a handle on this cycle will help you.

If you’re a Capricorn (like I am) or Aquarius rising, you can set your clock via Saturn’s transit ’round your chart.  Here’s a real-life storyline to illustrate what I mean.

I had my children with Saturn transiting my 4th house. Having established my home base, I started writing when it hit my 5th house.  I defined my creativity at that time.

When Saturn hit my 6th house, I had to edit. I edited my book with Saturn in my 6th. This process was grueling.

When Saturn hit my 7th… it crossed the horizon. I went public by launching this blog to replace my original. This blog has my real name and picture on it where previously I wrote under a screen name.

With Saturn transiting my 8th I learned a lot about exchanging energy. This blog has been very dark at times.

Saturn entered my 9th house. Lo and behold had to consider curtailing what I publish in order to progress. I also began studying religion which is associated with the 9th house.

With Saturn transiting my 10th, I peaked, professionally. I was on top the astrology world. When

Saturn went into my 11th, I started to work on my wishes, hopes and dreams. I wanted time to garden, for example.

You can see how one thing leads to the next. It’s pretty cool… and natural.

What house is Saturn transiting in your chart? How’s it going?


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