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The Astrology of Life’s Unhappiest Year

Happiness throughout life is generally seen as an inverted bell curve. We start out relatively happy as children, then happiness steadily declines until mid-life, after which it begins inching back up. By the time we’re in our 70’s, we’re back to roughly the same degree of happiness as we experienced as children. And the age at the very bottom of that curve? 47.2.

This is interesting to me, because that is around the age that we finish up our mid-life transits. These are transits that happen to everyone between the ages of roughly 36-47. These transits are hard, and they can have the effect of making us really question our whole lives.

These transits occur at different ages and in a different order depending on your generation, but here are the highlights:

· Pluto square Pluto: Thought you left the past behind you? Think again. With this transit, much of the old trauma that we’ve experienced and worked through comes rushing back to the surface. We are forced to reckon with the ways that our trauma has impacted our lives, and we decide whether we’re okay with that or whether we need to do more psychological work. This is also a time when we confront some of our limitations. We recognize that we don’t have the power to affect all the change we’d like to see, and that there are far greater powers that hold us back. We realize how small we really are.

· Uranus opposite Uranus: This is the classic mid-life crisis aspect. We see all the ways we’ve stagnated and we’re driven to shake things up. This transit can be highly disruptive to the stable, steady life we may have built, but it can also be tons of fun. We finally have the resources to do the fun things we dreamed about during our first Uranus square around age 21. In your 20s, we may not be able to afford the fancy sports car, but that might be different in our 40s. This time can feel like the last call of our youth. We’re not old yet, but we will be soon, so it’s time to play while we can!

· Neptune square Neptune: This is a time when we look at the big dreams we’ve carried throughout our lives and realize that they may never come to fruition. Doors have closed, and certain fantasies must be relinquished if we’re to move forward. We look around us and see what we’ve made of our lives, and we’re often disappointed. We are often halfway through our careers, looking ahead at another 20-ish years and wondering how we’ll make it through. We say, “Oh. So this is what life turned out to be.” But we can also begin dreaming new dreams that are more in line with our current reality.

After all that upheaval, confusion, pain, and the reevaluating it requires, it’s no wonder we’re a little bummed out. Life is a wild ride, sometimes exhilarating, but often disappointing. But there are important things to remember! No one is on Plan A. Most of us aren’t even on Plan B, C, or D. It’s okay to change course. And the beauty of these transits is that we are given the opportunity to assess where we are and figure out where we want to go from here. And when all these transits have finished, statistically speaking, there’s nowhere to go but up!

Are you entering your mid-life transits? How do you feel about it? And for veterans who have already gone through these transits, how did you fare?

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