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On February 27th you have the full moon in Virgo making a trine to Mars Trine Pluto. This will affect you into March. This is a VERY good time to go on holiday with the kids because the ninth house and the fifth Virgo, is your fifth house of children. Or with a lover as well. Love affairs are well starred as well. It’s triggering those quite juicy and passionate planets Mars and Pluto all together. It’s very Scorpionic almost so is a good time for being a little bit more racy with things. The forbidden fruit is going to be triggered quite a little bit anyway. So it wouldn’t do you any harm to be a little bit naughty, but not too much! Because of course, you don’t really want it to trigger the house of self-undoing either. 

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But if you can somehow get the best out of spirituality and get away from the rat race by being a little bit unconventional. That can be a good thing for you and very inspiring as well. Mars moves into Gemini on March 3rd which is more emphasis on your money. With Mars in the second house it can burn a hole in your pockets can give you lots of expenses, but with Taurus you’re more likely to be investing it wisely. The new moon on the 13th is in Pisces, which means there’s more focus on your friends again. New starts in terms of your wishes and hopes as well. Libra.

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