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Stellium In Aquarius: January 20th – February 8th, 2021 – Important!

Update – The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are currently in Aquarius. On February 1st, 2021, Venus will ingress into Aquarius. Mercury will be retrograde at the time. Consequently, this stellium will be maintained for four weeks. This is extraordinary!

Everyone will be affected by this but people who have planets in the Fixed signs, stelliums in Fixed signs, t-squares or grand crosses in Fixed signs, should really mark this period on their calendar because it will be profound.

Aquarius stellium february 2021That doesn’t mean you should not read this as a negative. Energy is neutral until directed. Further, the planets involved here are malefic.

However, Mars will be in Taurus throughout the entire period. Taurus squares Aquarius. Taurus is stubborn and if you piss one off (Mars), you better look out!

Uranus will also be in Taurus at this time. People keep asking me about the stock market. It will remain volatile and you can expect it to be upset at this time, in ways you don’t expect. Remember this:

Uranus in Taurus Brings Reversal Of Fortune

Surely, you’re curious how this might affect you.  Check the house(s) in your chart where all the planets will stack up. That’s where the action is! Factor this:

Sun – ego, creativity
Venus – love, money, vanity
Mercury – communications, siblings, neighbors
Jupiter – opportunity, luck, perspective
Saturn – control, public reputation, rules, integrity

Busy yet?

Next, imagine all of these things under attack (Mars). Unconventional warfare (Mars Uranus).

We’re definitely in for a ride.

If your birthday takes place during this period, you might want to check your Solar Return. This stellium will be featured; you’re heading into a year where pretty much everything you can think of, changes.

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Stellium in Aquarius Square Mars & Uranus: February, 2021

Where will this stellium fall in your chart? Got plans for February?


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