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Saturn In Aquarius Transiting Your 2nd House

When Saturn transits your Venus-ruled second house, you’ll feel pressured to get your financial life in order.  You’ll also define your values and earn and solidify your sense of self-esteem.

This doesn’t sound very sexy but a person who manages to pull these things together is sexy in a real and tangible way.  

It’s the difference between dealing with the beautiful veneer of an Instagram star as opposed to relating to a real human being that you can touch.

You may have less money with Saturn transiting your 2nd house. This transit tends to restrict resources you get from others (8th house).

Don’t let this scare you. “Less” does not mean you won’t have enough. One of the things you learn when Saturn transits your second is that you have value outside of your purse or pocketbook. Again, compare this to the veneer we see on the internet. These images don’t hold up against the real human being who is able to connect.

With Saturn in Aquarius, the goal is to differentiate your tastes and values, apart from the pack.  You’re likely to experiment and wind up changing your aesthetic. When everyone is wearing this, you’ll probably want to wear that.

This video applies.

Back to the money component of this transit, if you are not saving any money, this is the time to start.

Is Saturn in Aquarius transiting your second house? How’s it going?




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