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New Moon February 2021 ~ Crazy Laced Darkstar Astrology

February 11th New Moon Key Factors

  • The new moon is at 23º Aquarius Decan 3 ~ Horny Pan Pipers & Judge Mental
  •  The new moon will be on fixed star Sadalsuud in constellation Aquarius & Deneb Algedi in The Goat’s tail of Capricorn.
  • Uranus square Saturn
  • The new moon asteroid is Norma.
  •  The new moon tarot card is the 7 of Swords ~ Plotting & stealing
  • The healing crystal is the Crazy-laced Agate.
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Sadalsuud with Moon: Reputation through occult matters, respect of friends, favorable for gain, peculiar domestic conditions. [2]

Deneb Algedi with Moon: Great difficulties in everything, success after patient plodding but final loss of position. [3]

The Moon fairs much better than the Sun in Aquarius decan 3 because here it can work its lunar magic peacefully under the moonbeams. In this placement, it is not tempted away from the soul’s mission by the Sun’s egoistical yearnings for glory. 

Those touched by the February 11th new moon will come to peace with the fact that they will never really be fully accepted by society. It no longer bothers them too much as they know how messed up the system is anyway. This new moon carries a very strong theme of service-to-self versus service-to-others.

However, there are a few natives with this position that fell foul to the ‘peculiar domestic conditions’ that comes with the Moon in this decan. (Ie. Woody Allen married his adopted daughter.)

The new moon February 2021 then will be awash with paradoxes. For example; a humanitarian carer whose focus is outside of the home. This mother might be better parenting other people’s children rather than her own. Princess Diana (who had this moon placement) also pushed boundaries about what was acceptable behaviour for a princess. Her hands-on approach to charity work saw her touching AIDS victims which was pretty taboo at the time.

New Moon Altar Items

A lock & key, villain radar, crazy lace agate crystal, a broomstick, some crazy lace,  pan-pipes, the book ‘Peter Pan’ (Or failing that a framed photo of a Peter), a Roman Centurion figurine, a postcard of Stonehenge, the tail of a goat, a sprinkle of dried fish scales, an ‘evil eye’ pendant, a funny-shaped parsnip, a purple/grey candle, Frankincense essential oil, a gladioli & some baked cloves. Gather together and laugh at them.

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