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Narrow Focus Shown By Planets Clustered On One Side Of The Zodiac

With the stellium in Capricorn last year, I noticed all the planets were clustered on one side of the zodiac. This concentration of planets was showing up in Solar and Lunar return charts.  Having Libra in my chart, I notice when things are lopsided!

Back then, I tied this to the pandemic. People were either out there, at large; working in a grocery stores for example. Or they were isolated.

I now realize the planets in the sky are going to remain clustered for a number of years… excluding the summer (in the US) months.  It’s pretty interesting and not that hard to track once you see what’s going on.

Right now, the planets all fall on one side of the zodiac so we’re dealing with extremes. This will change in early June, when Mars oppose Pluto as if breaks into what is not a void space.

Once this happens, the other faster moving bodies follow. The sun, Venus and Mercury.

Then in November of 2021, Mars will oppose Uranus and we’ll go back into the lopsided situation. We’ll stay there until July of 2022.

This pattern will continue for years.

Now here is the old post, which has a lot of information.

Narrow Focus For The Rest Of 2020, 2021, All The Way Into 2022

As for this new information, it means that people born (roughly) between July and November, will have solar return charts with the planets spread out.

People born between November – June with have solar return charts with a narrower focus.

I can’t tell you if this is good or bad, it just is.

This also shows that everyone will have lopsided charts in their lunar return charts, between November and June for a number of years.  Through 2025, at least. I have not thought beyond that.

This gives me quite a bit of insight, into why I’m clamoring for Spring. I don’t like being off-balance. But I also don’t like being or feeling restricted, which is what this feels like to me.

It’s like having an area roped off. You may feel the exact opposite!

Babies born during this period will also be affected.  Seems another interesting aspect .

If you want to look into this or see how affects you personally, here you go.

Get your Solar Return Report here.
Get your Lunar Return Reports here. These are super-cheap, if you buy a year’s worth. Thirteen reports – a Baker’s Dozen.

Do you notice things being off-balance. Do you like it?


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