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Moving Ahead Post The Election

The pandemic and election have caused this single remark to come up in virtually every consultation I’ve had over the last four or five months. “We’re just going to have to wait for the results of the election”. 

We had the stellium in Capricorn, retrograde. Mars retrograde. No true clue which direction the United States might be headed in. People are sick from it. They don’t know how to move on with their life.

Should I sell my house?

Change my job?
How can I meet someone while locked down?

It seems we’re all in limbo but we’re really not. The planets are moving all the time. We’re moving. Our minds are moving. 

We know this because of astrology but we just know it because it’s a fact.  Every day you’re aging or improving or learning… or rotting or whatever it is you’re up to. EVERY DAY and every minute for that matter.

Saturn in Aquarius is about the integrity of the individual. Most of life is completely outside your control.  But you can control (Capricorn) your focus (Pluto) to a significant degree. 

If you are constantly focused on how stupid or dumb or idiotic or moronic the other person is, you can be sure you’re neglecting yourself; your life, your soul, your healing, your health and wealth of whatever kind.

The fact is, we live in the climate we live in. It really doesn’t matter if we like it. We have to adapt. I mean, if you don’t like humidity and you have the ways and means to move somewhere with a drier climate, then do so.  But if not, you’re going to be completely miserable if perspiration is all you think about.  How wrong it is!

The chart of the Presidential Inauguration is not stable. It’s just not.  Uranus is just too active and energized.

That is not a prediction nor is it meant to be political. I’m an astrologer.  Saturn will square off with Uranus for two years.  Things will change and turn in directions you don’t expect.  If you want to thrive in this climate, work with Saturn to get control of yourself.

To round out my point, we are done waiting on the results of the election which does tell us that we have advanced.

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