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Mercury Conjunct Jupiter Effects | ElsaElsa

Mercury will conjunct Jupiter next week. This is a fun combination known for candor and bawdy humor.

If you have Mercury conjunct Jupiter natally, you’ve probably got a big mouth of some type. You may pontificate or be a know-it-all but you probably do have something to say and a way to say it.  You open your mouth and your words are broadcast.

I am sure there are some who consider Mercury conjunct Jupiter to be obnoxious. This aspect can cause a person to be over-the-top but their confidence and optimism give a people a lift. I don’t know what we’d do without them, frankly speaking!

This particular conjunction will take place in Aquarius. It’s exact on on February 5th. There is no telling what might be announced.  Information spread, far and wide.

If you don’t recognize the actor in the picture, he was the newsreader in the series, Rome.  He was favorite character. The people gathered ’round him and what came out of his mouth was what was.

It’s interesting, anyway. I’ll be watching who says what over the next couple weeks.

Do you have Mercury conjunct Jupiter in your chart? How does it operate?



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