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Libra Problems In Life & Love

Recently I had a three clients with a lot of Libra. They all had the same problem. They simply could not decide! I have Libra myself so I’m well acquainted with the struggle.

I have never met a Libra who could comfortably choose the restaurant where a duo or a group of people should go eat. It’s like there is a gigantic block there.  They will go to any lengths to avoid deciding. If you spend time with a Libra, you’ll eventually realize this and quit trying to push them into their “no go zone”.

Exceptions exist when the Libra is doing a favor for someone else or has some kind of obligation. For example, I told a child I was teaching that I would come eat in his parent’s restaurant. I have a friend I go to lunch with, frequently. I kept my word but it’s the only time I’ve chosen the venue over the last six years! It’s pretty crazy… and embarrassing!  I don’t even like to choose what we’re going to eat at home and I’m the cook!

While I hold onto this particular expression of the energy, I have learned to make decisions because if you can’t or you won’t, you will utterly fail at life. I’m sorry but it’s the way it is.

I learned how to do this from husband who has Mercury in Aries. We’re doing this and we’re not doing that, BAM!  It’s a wonderful feeling once you get into it.

I’m posting this because one of the clients was damned near disabled by this issue.  He could not decide what to do about a woman he liked because he could not decide if she liked him.  Even with many indications she did like him, he still could not decide.  He was young. I wound up telling him, this could be a core problem in life. How do you get off the fence?

Here’s an old post with other ideas.

Indecision – The Libra Curse!

Do you have Libra in your chart? Are you indecisive? How has this impacted your life?


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