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Jupiter Conjunction Saturn 2020 ~ Boom Or Doom? Darkstar Astrology

The good news is that from the Winter solstice onwards, light begins to grow with the return of the Sun king! It’s not all doom and gloom after all. This solstice symbolism is even more poignant when we consider the meaning of this historical conjunction and the fact it takes place at point ZERO of Aquarius.

Jupiter expands while Saturn contracts. Jupiter is the so-called greater benefic while Saturn is the greater malefic. Here we find we are in a battle of good versus evil. Of course, we have seen that played out on the world stage in recent events with each one being more polarized than the last.

It started with Brexit V EU,  then Trump V Hillary, then black V white, and now the latest incarnation; mask-wearing or non-mask wearing. Of course, Jupiter plays the god of all gods, while Saturn is very clearly playing Satan! But this is a conjunction NOT an opposition, therefore ideally we should be blending the best of the two rather than continually polarizing each side.

Jupiter Conjunction Saturn at 0º Aquarius

My first instinct about this conjunction was that it had some kind of messianic quality. At best this should make for a very levelheaded leader.  However, we mustn’t forget that Saturn overpowers Jupiter while he is in Aquarius so this is not going to play out as the great Messiah that some might have been hoping for.

After my findings, I am seeing this as a far more tricky conjunction than it seemed at first sight. Not only that, but I found that the chart of the Anti-christ has both these planets in Aquarius (Though not in conjunction) according to Jeane Dixon.*  So I looked at how both Jupiter and Saturn faired in Aquarius decan 1 since the effects of this conjunction will be felt while they are travelling through this decan.

*Jeane Dixon came up with this date. February 5, 1962, 7:07 AM. An Aquarian stellium in the 12th house with Aquarius rising.

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