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How To Handle Mental Stress

With Mercury in Libra, I’m not the most decisive person. It’s difficult! Problems refuse to be solved and I begin to stress over them.

In talking to my husband, I was stuck by how differently we viewed things.  My thoughts are driven by emotion. His thoughts are logical.

I tried to see things his way, because frankly, his way is better than mine.  If you have a website to build, you’re better off to follow a flow-chart or some order of operations to complete the project.  Adding emotion to the task seems to serve no purpose at all, unless the purpose is to make yourself crazy!

If something is not working on the site, what difference does it make how I felt last year when there was snow on the ground?  See how crazy that is?

I’m going to try to learn to be more detached when I have a task in front of me.  I don’t mind drama. But I do mind drama when it’s negative and/or unhappy. I’m going to work hard not to whip myself up into a tizzy when there is no benefit to it.

What’s your default reaction to stress?  Could it be changed or improved?



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