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How Long Do The Planets Stay In A Zodiac Sign?

All time frames are approximate!

Moon – changes signs every 2 ½ days, transits the zodiac every 30 days
Mercury – variable due to retrograde motion. Can be in a sign from 15- 60 days but is never more than 2 signs away from the Sun
Venus – stays in a sign about 30 day… also is never more than 2 signs away from the Sun.
Sun – changes signs monthly
Mars – changes signs about every 2 months unless there is a retrograde which can keep it in one sign for as long as 7 months
Jupiter – changes signs once a year, transits the zodiac in 12 years.
Saturn – changes signs every 2 ½ years, transits the zodiac every 29 – 30 years
Uranus -changes signs every 7 years, transits the zodiac every 84 years
Neptune – changes signs every 14 years, transits the zodiac every 164 years
Pluto changes signs every 10 to 20 years, transits the zodiac every 248 years

A few notes on what this means…

Mercury and Venus move at about the same rate as the Sun though they have retrograde phases. As a result, Mercury is never more than one sign away from the Sun. Venus is never more than two signs away from the sun.

This means if someone is a Pisces, it is impossible they can have Mercury in Virgo, halfway around the zodiac. It means if someone is a Pisces, they have Mercury in Pisces, or Aries (the sign after) or Aquarius (the sign before).

  • If you think about that,  when you meet a Pisces, they’re going to have one of the three flavors of mind (Mercury). You can see how this gets interesting. Aspects modify the effect of course, but catch the concept.
  • Pisces with a warrior mind (Mercury in Aries)
  • Pisces with emotional thinking (Mercury in Pisces)
  • Intellectual Pisces (Mercury in Aquarius)

If you’re always winding up in relationships with Pisces, do they have the same Mercury sign as well? Or does it vary. Thinking about things like this raises your astrology IQ and lead you all kinds of places worth exploring.

This also tells you that when you discover you and your love, who is roughly your age have Neptune conjunct, it’s meaningless. It marks you as being from the same generation because Neptune moves so slowly. This is a mistake beginners make.  They aren’t sure how to weigh things like this.

This chart also shows you the impact of various transits. Mars is going to cross your ascendant every 2 years as compared to Pluto which will cross it every 248 years. Not everyone will have Pluto cross their ascendant in their lifetime. If you do have this transit, it’s a BIG DEAL.

Another thing to note – the effects of Venus transit are generally pleasant but fleeting. We’re talking about a week. Saturn sits on a point for months and Uranus, for a year and Pluto for a period of years.

Tell us your Sun sign and your Mercury sign and lets see if a pattern emerges….

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