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The full moon on February 27th will be in Virgo  and will be in affect for the beginning of your March Gemini monthly horoscope. So very home bound one. It is more spiritual, is not so sociable really. Even if you’re going to be socialising, it’s probably better not hard partying or clubbing. But more peaceful in nature, picnics and nice things. Although depends on the weather in March! But definitely hiking with people who are fellow country-bods, maybe horse riding or playing golf, if that’s your thing.

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Hooray, Mars is in your first house in Gemini. So you can really go for things. It does make for sexuality as well. The animal magnetism is high, and you should be able to attract a mate at this time. Physical energy is really high as well. So start those keep fit things and start a course of exercising. Join the gym again, use that Mars energy to get ready for summer. The New Moon is going to be in your 10th House of career. So that’s another  good focus, make a start on that. And of course, with Mars in your first house, you are going to feel more ambitious as well.

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