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Do Leo and Aquarius Both Rule Individuality?

When reading about the signs, it’s common to find Leo’s purpose described as being a creative, unique individual. It’s also common to find Aquarius described the same way! But if Leo and Aquarius are opposing signs, how is this possible? What is the difference between Leo and Aquarius-flavored individuality?

An individual’s core is ruled by the Sun. It is the very essence of each person’s being. It makes us glow and is what distinguishes us from each other. It is the ego, good, bad, and ugly. The Sun makes its home in Leo while Aquarius is one of its least favorite places to be.

When Leo steps out as an individual, it is fully authentic. Their creative expression, the special spark that separates them from the crowd, just emanates from them almost effortlessly. They define themselves by acting from the heart. Since the Sun is in its element, all this seems to happen naturally. Leos know they’re special and they know the world needs their gifts. They just shine, period.

Aquarius, on the other hand, has no such luck. With the Sun being in its detriment, Aquarius has to find another way to forge an identity. Aquarius is the home sign of Saturn, so Aquarius has to use Saturn tools to accomplish a solar job. Aquarius, being a fixed air sign, defines themselves in terms of what they believe. Further, their identity comes from the groups they are a part of, particularly if those groups also share an ideology. They measure their success based on the impact that their ideas have on society and the world.

But if that’s the case, why is Aquarius known for being so kooky and eccentric? After all, Saturn is not exactly known for frivolity.

Saturn being in fixed air provides the structure that gives Aquarius its character. Like a museum model of a dinosaur, Saturn’s steadfast ideology creates the bones. After that, Aquarius is free to flesh themselves out and adorn themselves however they imagine. Scales here, feathers there, a cool racing stripe down the tail. Those little flourishes finish the job and make Aquarius unique, but the Saturnian bones are ever-present, defining the core.

So while both signs are concerned with crafting unique identities, they go about it very differently. Leos crack their heart open and let their inner light spring forth. Aquarians build their identities from the ground up, aligning with causes larger than themselves. But regardless of their different approaches, both signs accomplish their goal. Leos and Aquarians are some of the most distinctive people you’ll ever meet, and they both have a lot to teach the world and each other.

Does your identity follow a more Leo or Aquarius pattern? Can you connect it to your chart?


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