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On February 24th was a really magical Mars trine Pluto with Mars which should work very well for you. It’s in some really great houses. Mars is in the passionate, sexy fifth house to Pluto, which is the one planet that is still left in Capricorn. So this is incredibly empowering. Very sexual, very magnetic to other people. So if you want to seduce anyone, you’ll be able to do that with this wonderful Mars trine Pluto on February 24th and its affects should carry on into the first week of March. The full moon in Virgo on February 27th was in your ninth house of foreigners and abroad. Take a holiday at this time. The Mars trine Pluto will be really beneficial. You’ll have a real second honeymoon if you’re with a partner.

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It’s a quite a month! Mars goes into Gemini now so it’s back to work after you’ve been enjoying yourself with passionate Mars in that lovers house. Now it moves to the house of your daily grind and health. It could go two ways; you could feel very invigorated by it and want to do very physical things. Work that involves digging, gardening or heavy physical type work. Otherwise, Mars can cause inflammation because it is the house of health as well. Generally, if you are drinking enough (Water!) and putting that Mars into action, it shouldn’t cause any problem there. Just don’t let Mars sit around because it kind of catches fire. Mars just hates to be doing nothing. So it’s smouldering in that sixth house there.

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