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So March is not such an active month in terms of big transits. But Mars is going into your third house. That’s concentrating on things like your local neighbourhood and also studying. So at least money won’t be burning a hole in your pocket anymore, there won’t be so much cash flowing away. You can put energy into your local environment so you are much more gregarious with neighbours. Studies are great with Mars in the third house too. What’s really good for study is Mars will Trine Saturn later on in the month 13th of March is a new moon in Pisces, which makes it a low key month anyway because it’s the month before your birthday. So you should be really winding down hibernating a little bit because then it’s spring and Aries really does spring into action in spring with the sun at the spring equinox as well.

So take this opportunity to go into your cave. Do some meditation, get as much rest as you can, so that you can really party in April. Ofcourse the sun goes into Aries on the 21st of this month. And that will be with Mars trine Saturn as well. You really do leap out of your cocoon on the 21st raring to go. It’s a very sociable time for you because Mars is going to be in that third house of local things. And Saturn will be in your 11th house of friends. So those two together, nice links, get out and socialise. February 28 this a really interesting day because we get the full moon in Libra, your house of relationships and Mars also conjunct the north node in Gemini. Your local area again. So that activates a kind of grand trine really. The full moons at 8º Libra, and the Mars/North Node 14º Gemini. Nice with Saturn at 7º Aquarius. There’s a nice flow of energy between all your air houses, which are all relationship houses, really. What’s nice really is Saturn in your friendship house, is old friends, while making new ones in your neighbourhood. Bringing old friends in or making new, mature, sensible friends as well, that can tame you a little bit really. Giving you more stamina, and encouraging you to do things for the long haul. And also encourage you to have more patience as well! So it’s all very grounding influence from that.

But yeah, the north node Mars conjunction, really forces you almost to get on the right path. It could come by just doing something really impulsive, like going somewhere different from where you normally do in your neighbourhoods and bumping into someone. You could even literally just bump into someone, even like an accident or something like that. Not not a serious one. But like, just dropping something and somebody picking up for you something little. Something that’s very Marsy. Could be some sort of sports gathering as well. Or even an argument! You could have an argument with someone queuing up for something and then end up actually being al right with them. A strange impulsive, road-rage incident that could change your life perhaps.

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