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On February 27th the full moon was in Virgo and that will definitely get you into the deep mysteries of life into march.This is the underworld of your chart. If you’re into psychology, this will be a dream moon for that, especially with the effect of Mars trine Pluto in the background as well.

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So March will end up being quite a calm month for you and for everyone really. This is good because Mars is going into Gemini, your fifth house of love affairs so you should just spend it enjoying yourself and having fun. Forget about the fact you’ve got two major planets in your first house of Aquarius, and just just be frivolous. Because it could get quite serious with Saturn in Aquarius really. The new moon on the 13th is in Pisces. So that’s going to be about money and also self-worth. Again I think you’d be too busy enjoying yourself to even worry about that, quite frankly. And we got to remember that the nodes are also in Gemini as well.

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